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"I've only got one pair of shoes comforting these weary feet, cos' a man who owns too much is like a song without a beat, left feeling incomplete"

Stu Larsen was born in the town of Dalby, in Australia, a close-knit, religious community of less than 10,000 people. Nothing much happened in Dalby and that was pretty much how folks liked it. Predictability was what made people feel comfortable and Stu's career in a local Bank meant that by the age of 23, his life was pretty well mapped out for him.

However, the call of the wild and the lure of the unknown led Stu to leave his job, his family and the familiarity of his small town in Queensland to follow a path of exploration and wandering -- sharing his love of music with everyone he encountered along the way.

Stu's natural inspiration comes from an acute perception for the detail and beauty in everyday things and experiences and his need to keep moving on helps to maintain the freshness and sharpness of these observations that then manifest in his music and the continuous photographic account that comprises his enigmatic 'instagram' -- a unique pictorial portrait of his eclectic journeys and experiences.

In 2010, whilst working on the 'Boy and Bear' tour in Australia, Stu met Mike Rosenberg (of 'Passenger'), back in the days when money was tight and touring meant shared rooms and forged close friendships. Mike was moved by the quality of Stu's insightful material and invited him to support and tour-manage him. And thus, the latest chapter began. Alongside the madness and fame brought about for Mike by the massive success of 'Let Her Go', Stu kept on doing what he loves best -- just travelling, sharing his music and taking pictures -- but now with much broader horizons and to much larger audiences, building up a stronger and stronger following along the road. His unassuming conviction that life in Dalby and a job at the bank was not everything that was meant for him and his openness and willingness to take things as they come, make him a charismatic and popular figure and has created openings, journeys and lasting friendships that have formed and enabled the foundation and development of his art.

The dichotomy of lengthy journeys however is that of many new friendships contrasted with an inevitable sense of loneliness. Life on the road and a dedication to his music and photography have contributed an ethereal, searching and sometimes sentimental air to his music -- perhaps the effect of knowing that tomorrow always means moving on. But whilst there is an air of meandering and he alludes to 'exploring and wandering' and the fleeting nature of so many encounters along the way, his journey now seems more focused than ever.

Stu has already achieved a #2 on the Australian singer-songwriter chart. Amazingly -- and almost uniquely, this was been achieved without management or the backing of a label and was funded entirely by the sale of albums at gigs along his journey. Now, for 2014, Stu plans an album release and a solo tour of Australia, the UK, Europe and America. As industry awareness increases and his fan base extrapolates, Stu's wider journeys and adventures are becoming a reality. Stu still feels he's a 'Vagabond' and a traveler and whilst he now enters possibly the most exciting and important phase of his life and career so far, his genuine and unassuming personality together with a dedication to his art and his heritage, will ensure that Stu's appeal continues to grow as his journey widens.

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