Tue May 25 2010

 at Schubas/Lincoln Hall Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor

9:00 PM

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Suns is a six piece band hailing from Chicago, IL with a sound as big as their name suggests, and melodies that blend and bind as harmoniously as a dual sunset. Thanks to two drummers, and a list of instrumentation that reads like a music catalogue. Currently in the studio recording a 4 song prelude to their debut, Howl And The Many, with Jon Alvin (Dr Manhattan, Wax On Radio). They've already managed to obtain the hype of a band with years under its belt. Having the singer from Wax On Radio, Mike Russell, surely helps, as well as playing their first show to a nearly packed house at Chicago's Metro. With upcoming dates booked around the mid west, and plans to crash this years SXSW, Suns seems to be preparing to shed some light on the otherwise lacking industry.-Josh Ramon of Inderma Records

Forming from the cooled ashes of Chicago and national acts such as Company of Thieves, This Is Me Smiling, Ohvaur, Probably Vampires, and Tom Schraeder & His Ego, Volcanoes Make Islands (VMI) have indurated, thus forming a unified body. This landmass has a singular purpose: the craft and performance of time-honored, recognizable, audible art, i.e. music. Citing the influences of n(a,ur)ture, VMI utilize instruments of organic and synthetic design. Avoiding predictability for the sake of predictability, they can be found traipsing around Europe, recording an as-yet untitled release with Dan Smart of Field Auxiliary infamy, and gushing liquid hot magma.

The Field Auxiliary is a Chicago-based recording/performance ensemble initiated by the kinetic release of potential energy waveparticles via the limb tips of principle musician/tryer Dan Smart, as well as via those of collaborators Rob Jensen, Jon Ozaksut, and additional close friend/contributors Ben Babbitt, Jonathan Alvin, and others (as determined by Heisenberg's {QP - PQ = [{ih}/{2•}]}). Gaining in both gravity and, it follows, orbital rotation since 2008, The Field Auxiliary exhibits, both in performance and on record, a layered and multi-conversational experimental pop music that exists continuously (with regard to conservation of angular momentum, defined as {L = r x p}) and in tenuous accordance with various hopelessly irreconcilable catechisms. .


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